The Great Goddess
An adaption of Selma Lagerloff's "The Phantom Chariot"

The Great Goddess follows the story of a boy named Coyotl, who arrives with the Mexica settlers to Lake Texcoco in 1248.
Life is tough for the new settlers, but when Coyotl is chosen to be sent to the underworld before the New Year,
the goddess Coatlicue tell him that his people would soon become the leaders of the Aztec empire
and prosper once and for all. However, in order for this to come true, he must devote himself to becoming a messenger for the gods,
and get out of the underworld safely to deliver the message to his people.
If not, the Valley of Mexico will be struck with a plague and make the Valley an inhabitable hell.

This project is ongoing and will update further.

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